2 States, the story of my marriage by Chetan Bhagat

Snapchat-1833723396Okay let’s face it, Chetan Bhagat (CB) received a lot of flak for the things he said on Twitter and how he was portrayed on national television. But there was a point of time when he actually wrote a good book which was funny and actually made sense. Yes, it was 2 States. Out of all the books CB has written, 2 states is the only one I enjoyed.

So I’ve chosen this book as a good companion during your train journeys, be it long or short. If you are someone who reads really fast, this might be over by the time you reached your destination. But if you take your own time, it’ll be enough to keep you engaged the entire journey, to and fro.

This story is about Krish and Ananya who meet in IIM, fall in love and by the time they leave college, Krish has popped the question. Sounds simple and mundane right? No. If you live in India, you have to make sure that the religions match, then the boy’s parents must like the girl, the girl’s parents must like the guy and both sets of parents must like each other! So like your train journey, this book is a journey from the time the couple were in IIM to the time they convinced both the sets of parents for their permission to get married. It is set in Gujarat, Chennai and Punjab, and a few chapters in Goa.

It’s the way CB describes the weirdest of situations so realistically that makes it funny. The comebacks from the boy in the book are hilarious and the descriptions he gives about Chennai and Punjab households is so true to the point that it’ll make you chuckle. There’s a scene where a South India boy Harish comes to see Ananya when Krish is present in her house (he gives tuitions to her brother.) So after the meeting, the Ananya tells him about the conversation she had with Harish where he asked her if she was ‘pure’ (a virgin) *major eyeroll* and Krish’s reply was, “What a loser. What is he looking for -ghee?”

So grab a copy of 2 states when you are travelling in a train journey, be it long or short, and travel with the couple on their mission to get married to each other.


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