Tales from the Arabian Nights – edited by Andrew Lang

Tales from the arabian nightsTravelling by cabs in India or anywhere in the world has become a necessity now. It’s convenient, comfortable and we don’t have to haggle with the autowallahs for 5 minutes straight. At times we might look out the window to watch the view, but after a point of time it might get mundane. So my recommendation of a book to read in a cab is Tales from the Arabian Nights.

Okay so some of you might say that we read this book as a kid, but I feel that this book is more suited for an audience above 14. And even though you might say that how can we finish this book in a cab ride, my answer is you don’t have to. These are individual stories but have a link and ends full circle. The links will interest you to keep on reading but you can stop after reading one story and continue the next time you are travelling.

The stories are mystical but so witty that it’ll keep you hooked. You’ll find yourself smiling at the smartness of Scheherazade who is trying to divert her royal husband so that he doesn’t kill her. Every story begins in the night and goes on till morning, but Scheherazade ends each tale with a cliff hanger so that the husband has no choice but to let her live to complete the story.

The stories are beautifully illustrated to give you a break from all the reading and oh so intricate.

So keep a copy of this mystical book of tales which will make you want to go back to it every time you travel.


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