The Inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur

the inscrutable americansWell, a lot of us are travelling out of the country, either for work or studies or even for a leisure visit. These flights are long and tiring and you might just get bored of watching outside the window (how long will you watch the clouds!) or watching a movie. Hence my recommendation for you to read while travelling on a flight is The Inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur

This hilarious novel is about a small town boy Gopal who travels to the US of A as a student for a year. The novel talks about culture shocks and how Gopal copes with them. He gets drunk, almost has sex with a hooker and falls in love, but eventually has his heart broken. His English and his perspective of the American culture are very Indian which is what tugs at our heart and makes us say Oh my God! (Not in an orgasmic manner though). The highlight of this novel is the letters Gopal writes to his brother and his parents, telling them about his life in America and how people are so weird. He confides in his brother about the things he did which he doesn’t want his parents to know. We come across very colorful and distinct characters in the novel which stay with us long after we have read the book. But nothing comes close to Gopal. It’s his naivety and innocence which captures us but at the same time make us burst into a fit of laughter.

So while you travel to the faaren, read this novel to be equipped with some of the stereotypes which still exist about Indians all over the world but at the same time get over the exhaustion that takes place during the time you travel.


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